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THE APLICOR FORUM: User Community and Special Interest Groups - “Where People, Ideas and Solutions Meet”

About Us

The Aplicor Forum is a User Group is an independent member organization designed to help individuals maximize their technology investment by sharing resources, knowledge and support among a network of like-minded professionals. Our community site is dedicated to users, system administrators, designers, developers and everyday business users who are looking to maximize their online Aplicor business system experience.

Our Goals

  • We aspire to be an unbiased authority and opinion leader for the deployment and utilization of web-based Aplicor solutions. While our posts are independent and not always complimentary to Aplicor, we are not at all adversarial to Aplicor.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can promote the members interests through direct communication with Aplicor & its partners in order to speak with a common voice and better influence the design, development and delivery of our shared solution.
  • Our members collaborate in both virtual and physical settings in order to share and exchange ideas, solutions and support as well as compare real world experiences based on a shared SaaS CRM and ERP software solution.
  • We provide a sounding board communication platform for members looking to brainstorm or bounce ideas with other members sharing a common interest and business system - anything from general questions such as "I'm thinking about implementing; or what do you think about?" to specific advice on those unusual or difficult areas that are not covered in the help engine or user manual.
  • We sometimes provide feedback on third party complimentary tools and services based on our personal experiences - anything from third party software products to mash-ups to professional service organizations.
  • We make introductions and grow relationships that strengthen the members' professional capabilities and personal network.

Join Our User Group

This community web site is an all volunteer effort. There are no membership fees of any type. We do offer very limited banner advertising on the home page to cover some out of pocket expenses and on certain occasions an expense sharing contribution may be requested for certain events such as local user group meetings. The worth of this web site lies solely in the quality of its content and the usefulness to its members. We enthusiastically encourage members to take the time and contribute quality content - a useful recommendation, an implementation deliverable, a production utility or other item which will improve the Aplicor user experience for a member of this forum.

Web Site and Forum Guidelines

  • While we welcome all input and feedback, we don't publish everything. We strive to limit our published content to that that is truly useful for the members. We also don't publish content which we feel may be libelous or unsupported.
  • Inquiries, posts, submissions must be validated by company e-mail. We CAN'T validate freeware or anonymous submissions.
  • No personally identifiable information (PIA) shall be posted on this web site - including in the restricted Members section - unless specifically authorized in writing by the author.
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Aplicor is a web-based, online, on-demand, hosted, software as a service (SaaS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application. This user forum is an independent member organization designed to help system administrators, designers, developers and everyday business users maximize their technology investment by sharing information, resources and support.

The Unofficial User Forum for Aplicor Web-based and Hosted CRM and ERP Software Solutions